Friday, 24 January 2014

New Year

Hello there dear blog readers!
This is going to sound a bit weird but until a few days ago I really didn't know what to pick for my new year resolutions. I mean I could pick those obvious ones such as getting fitter, stop biting my nails (yup I am one of those girls) and try harder at school, but in all honesty even though I try my best to complete them it never works. So i've been racking my brain ever since to think of some resolutions that I can actually achieve! My first being that I'm going to try and blog a lot more.
There is no real reason that completely stopped me from blogging. The longer I left it between each blog post the longer it took for me to get back into the swing of things which is why I was more nervous to start back up again.
However, as they say - new year, new start and thats what I intend to do this year with this little blog of mine. And boy do I have lots planned for this year!
So firstly whats changed? Well, Little Miss Skimmed knees is no longer and Filled Of Dreams has taken its place. This decision has come about because I fancied a change, and if im honest even though I liked my old blog name I think Filled Od Dreams suits me more :)
So plans for this year? Well, scarily in March I will be turning the grand old age of 18. Aaahhhh!! A lot of my friends who have already turned 18 have assured me that I wont feel any different, which I don't doubt! But I'm excited none the less, especially because I am having a birthday party :)
I am also very lucky because the day after my birthday I am going to be seeing The Wanted in concert. Sadly, The Wanted recently released a stat ement saying that they will be breaking up for a while so this will be their last concert. I've already seen The Wanted live in concert a couple of years ago and I loved it, so as you can imagine I'm mega excited to go and see them again!!
Then later this year I will be going on holiday to Ireland with my mum as that is where most of our family is based. To me Ireland is home away from home and even though the weather will most likely be rubbish I'm sure we will have an amazing time.
As well as all that I will be finishing my A levels this year and leaving school for good!  I've decided not to go to UNI this year because I dnt feel ready enough but when I do decide to go I'm going to be doing a History Degree :)
So thats all I have for this little blog post of mine, I guess as we're on the subject of the new year I want to send out a little hope that this year is going to be filled with fun, laughter and plenty of good 
2013 I take my hat off to you!
See what I did there? ;)

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Making Up For Lost Time - I Heart Summer Tag!

Hello There Blog Readers.

So to make up for the lack of blogs lately I've decided to make up for lost time I will be doing 2 today. 

Today I will be doing the "I Heart Summer Tag" which dellalovesnutella tagged me to to do... Here goes!

1. Favourite bronzer for summer?
This might sound quite bad but at the moment I don't own a bronzer, honestly I'm more of a blush type of girl myself. Saying this though from reading other blogs and watching many beauty guru's on Youtube, I've come to learn that the Boujour Chocolate Box Bronzer is the one to go for.

2. You're relaxing on a hammock on a tropical island, what would you be sipping on?
Hmmmmm.... I really like the Rubicon Tropical drinks at the moment so that I think... No ice though, my sensitive teeth can't handle it and I'm not a big fan of how it waters down the drinks.

3. Pool or Beach?
Beach all day everyday. I live by the sea so I am a beach baby, I can't get enough of it. I spend most of the summer down the beach when the weathers nice and more often than not end up going for a swim in the sea (brave I know!). 

5. Summer = Crazy hair, what's your must have styling product?
I have short hair so lucky for me it doesn't go wild or frizzy, the one thing it does do though is flick out when its been in water which I don't mind too much, but is a pain if you've spend a while straightening it for it to just turn wavy when it dries from swimming in the sea! However these last few months I have fallen in love with the TRESemme Heat Defence Styling spray with UV Filter. This thing is amazing like honestly, not only does it protect against any heat used on hair it leaves it feeling so shiny and soft afterwards as well as smelling quite beautiful too. 

6. Sunbathing or fake tanning?
I am half Irish meaning I have THE PALEST skin you have ever seen. Sunbathing for me just results in burning - yes even with sun cream on - and then pealing revealing my paleness again. Saying this I have never had a spray tan, I have faked tanned my legs once a few years ago but I don't bother now.

7. Favourite Summer Nail Polish?
As much as I have no nails I still love to paint them. This summer its great to see the pastels are still in so any pastelly pink, green, yellow or blue will do me.

8. Any summer traditions?
Every summer for the past few years I have been attending a holiday club which runs from the last week of July to the first week of August called Scripture Union.  So this is a tradition of mine which I will carry on by becoming a member of their team next year which I'm excited about!

9. Favourite summer scent?
I know this has been out a while now but I'm still in love with Beyonce Heat. So it would have to be that.

10. Favourite BBQ Food? 
BBQ's just sum up summer don't they? Nothing better than a good old fashioned BBQ to get the summer going!! I would probably say burgers are my favourite BBQ Food.

11. Favourite summer proof makeup?
Whether I'm in the sea or a pool I'll either be wearing minimal to no make-up due to the hassle of taking it off before hand and then having to put it on after but recently I've been using a lot of waterproof mascara's. I'd recommend the Maybelline Falises in Waterproof. 

12. Any summer vacations planned?
How very American!! This year I've been lucky enough to be accepted onto a volunteering project in New Orleans which is very fast approaching with only 11 days left to go before I jet off to the USA! I have written a blog on it if you want to find out more information on what I will be getting up to in the US. Apart from this I will be staying at home and taking part in.

I tag the following people to do this tag:

Hope you enjoyed this blog. 

Sound Island Festival 2013

Hello there dear blog readers.

A bit of a different blog today. So a few weekends ago now I was lucky enough to go to the Sound Island Festival down here in Kent. These past few years some major artists have come down to Kent to perform at Quex Park in the summer. And this year Quex decided to take it up a noch and throw on a 2 day festival - Sound Island. 

I'm very into music and learned to appreciate it from the mere age of about 9 when my mum took me and my brother to our first ever concert - Busted!! Since then i've been to see the X Factor tour when Matt Cardle won, I went and saw Professor Green earlier this year with my brother, and I've also seen The Wanted live too.

This year I was lucky enough to go both days at Sound Island... And be right at the front each day too!! So I thought I'd share some pictures with you guys.

The line up for the 2 days was as follows 

I went with 2 of my friends on Saturday and we decided that we would turn up an hour before the gates open to secure a good place near the front and our plan worked. Turning up at 2 o'clock and walking through the first few fields towards the gates there was hardly anyone around before we knew it we were around 5th in line queuing up to be let in - Result! After the gates open we walked at quite a fast pace (as running wasn't aloud...) and landed a very secure place 3 from the front and the 2 hour wait for the acts began (which soon passed by playing many games of guess that celebrity or eye spy!)

The first act on was Bebe Black:

(sorry if the photo's aren't that great)
If there's one thing I love more than anything it would be finding new artists and new music to listen to and Bebe Black was no exception. Being first on stage not only that day but to be starting off the whole festival is a scary task I think, but she rose to the challenge and was great! She has such a beautiful voice and her songs were a joy to listen too and I cant wait to hear more from her in the future.

Next was Little Nikki: 
Little Nikki is a rapper/singer as well as a very good dancer. Her music definitely go the crowd going and she even bought her own dancer on stage and together they pulled some amazing dance moves. 

After Little Nikki was X Factor winner James Arthur:
I have to say since Simon Cowell left the X Factor I haven't been watching it. However I did buy James Arthur's version of Impossible when it came out and I was excited to see him live. He played many new songs which will be released in his new album coming out soon, which I for one will defiantly be buying! The new songs he played were outstanding and of course everyone joined in during Impossible which was re mastered so that at the end there was an epic guitar solo by James himself.

Next was Giggs:
I have to say I had no clue who Giggs was to the extent that before he came on stage he popped his head around the stage and a few people in the crowd screamed so myself and my friend Lily waved at him and he waved back to which we looked at each other and asked who he was! I'm not a very big fan of rappers so I didn't really enjoy his music as much as I could've but either way he was great at handling the crowd and everyone else seemed to enjoy him.
After Giggs was Rita Ora!!
I was so excited to see Rita Ora on Saturday and she did not disappoint. In my opinion Rita Ora was the best act of the whole night and it was a shame she couldn't stay on and sing some more songs. By the time she came out it started to rain.... and not just a little bit TORRENTIAL! But it didn't stop her from jumping off the stage and coming over to all the crowd giving them hugs and high fives in only a sports bra and the skirt she's wearing above. She even waved at me and my friend Lily and gave us a lovely smile which made standing out in the pouring rain well worth it!

Last on Saturday was Plan B:
Now I only know 1 song from Plan B which he sang halfway through his set list so I was pretty much lost to what he was saying most of the time while he was singing/rapping, but saying that I really enjoyed watching him and joining in with the crowd waving and what not.

4 fights later (involving countless numbers of bouncers struggling to drag them out of the crowd over the barriers - rather them than me), being soaked, not only the rain but some random man who kept throwing cups of water over us and having my foot ran over by a wheelchair user at 10.30 in the pitch black and after standing up for 8 hours straight we made our way home, not before deciding to grab some dinner and use the porta loo's (big mistake there)!

Day 2 arrived at lightning speed and before we knew it we were on our way out and queueing up again meeting up with some more friends for the day. 
Myself and Della Loves Nutella. 

Kick starting day 2 was a bit of a surprise in the form of 4 rather beautiful lads formally known as Union J - I say surprise, as much as we knew they'd be there we didn't know they'd be first on so safe to say we were pretty excited! 
Just look at them! It was Josh's 21st birthday that day so the whole crowd go involved in singing Happy Birthday to him. They sang mostly covers of songs they done on the X Factor and then finished it off with Carry You, their new single. They certainly got all the attention and even pulled off their first song with no backing music due to technical difficulties. Did I mention Josh waved at me?! *Insert Fangirl Scream Here*

After Union J came Joywride: 
Joywride were a band consisting of a drummer, base guitarist, lead guitarist and a lead singer who also played the keyboard. Honestly Union J was a tough act to follow and unfortunately for Joywride that bar was a bit to high to reach, so the audience werent really that captivated by them, however they were still quite good and the lead singer had an amazing range of vocal chords! 

Next up was The Vamps:
A young boy band who became quite well known by covering many songs on Youtube and exceedingly well too. I've never heard of The Vamps but after they came on I was pretty much sold! They were great and everyone loved them especially 4 very over enthusiastic 
girls right next to us!

After The Vamps were MK1:
Mk1 were an act on the UK X Factor consisting of a rapper and a lead singer who could also rap too. They were a lot of fun to listen to and not only did they give a preview of what's next to come from them they did some of the well known covers they performed on X Factor which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Up next was Lawson!

The Drummer Adam Pitts

Lead Guitar Joel Peat

Lead Singer Andy Brown

Base Guitar Ryan Fletcher

*Cue Fangirling* I am a huge fan of Lawson, I saw them last year at the O2 when they were one of the warm up acts for The Wanted and I was instantly won over. As well as being amazingly good looking they are all so talented in what they do and it pays off in their songs which always get the crowd singing to their hearts content. This year seeing them up closer was surreal and apart from a few technical glitches they owned that stage!! This just makes me even more excited to see what they will be coming out with soon and I cant wait to hopefully see them again.

And last but certainly not least......


I am a MASSIVE fan of Jessie J and honestly it was a dream come true not only seeing her live but being so close to the stage as well. She has such an amazing stage presence as you can imagine the crowd went wild the whole time she was there. Not only did she sing some of her well known songs she took us back in time performing some of her favourite songs from "back in the day" as she said, meaning the whole crowd joined in singing "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing" by Aerosmith which led into "Who You Are"  When Jessie J went off to get changed her backing singers then had their own time to shine, each singing a different song to get the crowd going, which was so good as well.

So that's all the acts over the 2 days. It was honestly one of the best weekends of my life and I'm glad I can share the experience with you guys. If you've seen someone live write it in the comments below.
Hope you enjoyed this blog. Till next time blog readers

Monday, 22 July 2013

Its Been A While..... 5 Summery Outfits

Hello there blog readers....

It's been a while! Sorry for not being very active on here lately but now school has ended I'm back for good!! 

So unless you've been living under a rock or you don't live in Britain you will be aware of the fact that summer has finally made an appearance here! HORRAY! And I thought it would be nice to share with you guys 5 of my favourite summery outfits this year.

Jock t-shirt: Primark Sale reduced to £2
Denim Skirt: Primark I think this was around £8

This is a really old outfit of mine that I bought last year. 
Both the top and the skirt are from Primark
Denim Jacket: New Look

Without the denim jacket. 

Playsuit: New Look £20
Denim Jacket: New Look

Playsuit: New Look £20

Maxi Dress: Primark I think it was £12

Hope you enjoyed my summer outfits. 
Till next time blog readers.

Saturday, 29 June 2013

30 Day Snap #26 #27 and #28 - Ursuline National Conference 2013

Hello there blog readers.

As you may know from one of my previous blogs, I go to an Ursuline school. There are many Ursuline school's not only in the Uk but also around the world too. This past week I was involved in the Ursuline National Conference in Aylesford. This conference involves a handful of students from all the different Ursuline's around the Uk to meet up for a retreat for 3 days to learn more about our foundress St Angela and to generally have fun.  

I went with 2 other girls from my year who I will also be going to New Orleans in August. I was lucky enough to go on this conference in year 8 which I thoroughly enjoyed however I think I've valued the experience more this year as I'm older and I was also a student leader.

The first day was a lot of fun bonding with our groups who we had to name and give a slogan: 

Joyful Jukebox - The best team!

We also played rounders and I hit a rounder!! And we also had a very comical talk from one of the teachers. 
Unfortunately we couldn't stay overnight unlike everyone else as we had to go home for a meeting.

Day 2 was just as fun as day 1. We arrived late as half way though our journey to get to Aylesford our teacher remembered that she left one of the people she had to bring so we had to turn around and get her! Day 2 saw us modelling with clay and trying to attempt to draw - my skills are not that great. We also hosted a talent show where I was chosen to be the presenter and a secret judge. Then that night myself and the 2 other girls slept over at Aylesford which was a lot of fun although we didn't get to sleep till gone 12.

All the student leaders.

Day 3 was the last day which was quite sad as we all bonded quite a lot during the last few days. We had our last meal together - Fish and Chips which was very yummy and then we had a mass which was nice although I had hiccups the whole way through! 

All the different Ursuline school's.

So that's what i've been up to. I will update you on what I was up to today tomorrow - if that made any sense!!

Till next time blog readers. 

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

30 Day Snap #25 - Sunn!

Hello again blog readers,

*Right Dannii, your mission is to write this blog under 10 minutes to its online before 10**

Here goes...

Does that appear to be the sun shinning in Britain? My Golly I think it is. YAAAAAAAAAY! Unfortunately for myself it decided to appear when I was at school.... So instead I made the most of the glorious weather by relaxing in the back garden after school.

My view from laying in the garden.

 Really hope this weather stays its about time Britain had a decent summer.

 Hope you all had a good day. Till next time blog readers.

*Blog posted under 10 minutes - Mission successful!!* Hmmm now what should I treat myself too ;)

Monday, 24 June 2013

30 Day Snap #24 - Aylesford Retreat Planning

Hello there blog readers,

Today I spent the day planning a huge retreat for students around the Uk who attend Ursuline School's. This is a bi annual conference and since I'm in Sixth Form I have been asked to help plan and lead the event. 

I have visited Aylesford Priory every year since year 7. And it's beautiful, it's one of my favourite places to be (weather permitting). I met some lovely girls who I will be spending the week with and I can't wait to share with you guys how the week planned out.

So thats all for now. Hope you all had a good day. Till next time blog readers.